The Benefits of Implants

The Benefits of Implants

No matter what their reason for considering new dentures, implant dentures or their list of concerns for hesitating, having a conversation is the best way for patients to get the facts on the process.

The benefits are proven but there will always be questions and this is why working with a team of professionals is so important.

We’ll address your expectations – good and bad- around your treatment and outcome. We’ll need to examine your mouth, look at where the implants are needed and assess the status of your gums and teeth, especially the teeth neighbouring the implant site.
The only way to do this properly is through a consultation and the only way to consult is in person.

The Internet is a marvelous informational tool but they haven’t invented a way to complete a home dental examination online yet, as far as we know. Just as we tell people who phone in for a quote, the answer is always come in and see us.

There’s no other way to ascertain the variables. We’ll need to know the condition of their remaining natural teeth, the size of their jaw bones in the mouth. Do they need a transitional denture to get by for a few months? Have they been struggling for years with their dentures and never been satisfied?

A consultation is the only way to accurately plan and provide a prognosis for each individual, and then give them an appropriate cost estimate for their denture treatment.
Part of that conversation will be to dispel any misinformation and false expectations around dentures and implants and to help explain the costs and how long it will take but a big part of the discussion is how important planning your treatment plan plays in a successful outcome.

We work together as a team of dental professionals to determine the best treatment possible for the patient according to their needs.

Each team member – denturists, dental surgeons, and the denturist– has only one goal, the best possible prognosis for you, our patient.

First, we’ll need to know what you’re looking for: the perfect smile? Implants to secure your dentures?

We’ll explain everything such as how long will the dentures will last. Whether they will need a temporary or transitional denture fabricated while you wait for your dental implants to integrate with the bones. It can take two to three months and in some cases up to six months to complete the necessary treatment.

As noted, everyone is different so every treatment plan must be customized to each individual’s needs.

The most important thing is to sit down and talk it through, and by extension, for us to listen carefully to our patients and potential patients. We’ll fully explain the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment and why we are recommending the proposed treatment, how many appointments it will be, and the estimated cost.

The choice is always with the patient. We can offer a recommended course of treatment but it’s the patient who will decide which option is best for them.

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