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Matt is an excellent collaborator and works closely with his patients to ensure an ideal result overtime. His attention to detail is second to none and the results show. He bent over backwards to work with my timing and saw me on very short notice for an adjustment that was needed. I am very pleased with Matt’s work and I would highly recommend his office to dentists and patients alike.

Robert Bourque

I had to have the last of my teeth pulled, leaving me toothless-and my partial plates no longer of any use – what to do? Well I had a brochure saying to call Matt McCallum DD, Denturist, as well as a recommendation from my dentist and a previous patient. This was the best call I ever made, my teeth fit perfect from the start, and how nice to meet with a pleasant person who goes out of their way to accommodate you. I came out smiling and I’m still smiling.

Gayle Kirk

I was very satisfied with the work of Matt McCallum DD. Right from the start the receptionist was very friendly and helpful. Even though I was late for my appointment Mr. McCallum fit me in very quickly. His work was very quick and not at all uncomfortable or too invasive. He knew his job, explained my options clearly and I was in and out in no time. The finished product was exceptional – I’m certain they are the most comfortable denture I have ever owned.

Jeff C.

If someone were to ask me what can a denturist do for you, my response would be; ‘speak to Matt McCallum.’ He took the time to get to know me as a person and understood my individual needs. He gave me back my smile and confidence. I now have a new outlook. Matt is a true craftsman.

Paul Downing

Do you need new dentures? Well, I can recommend a great place to go…Where? To Matt McCallum, Denturist, 1221 Dundas St. London, a denturist who cares. I had a previous set of dentures that never fit right, and I was not satisfied on return visits to correct them at another denturist’s office. This year I needed a complete set of dentures, called the above office, was looked after immediately, questions answered, and a new set of dentures that surpassed my expectations as to quality. Thanks for the great smile Matt!

Mark A. Martin

I commend you and your staff for the excellent work you have done on my new dentures. I am pleased with the quality of service you have provided. Matt McCallum demonstrated a wealth of knowledge and experience in outlining the proper procedures and steps to obtain a proper fitting set of dentures.

Mr. M. McCallum communicated each step with clarity and an understanding of the steps to be taken. He communicated in a such a manner that one understood completely the full course required to reach the end result.

I am pleased with the quality of service; I would highly recommend Matt McCallum to you as a result of complete satisfaction with his professional and friendly manner.

Fred M.

Prompt service and Mr. McCallum will try his best to accommodate your schedule. I needed my partial plate repaired and he opened early just so that the final fitting could be done on time for me to go to work! Quality work done in a timely fashion is a bonus. Just to mention he is incredibly personable too, makes the time go faster and enjoyable.

Carol S.

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