New Patient Information

If this is your first time visiting McCallum Denture Clinic, we want the process to be as easy and comfortable as possible for you.
For your first appointment, a new patient information chart will be completed that goes over patient health and any medications. Insurance coverage is also charted so be sure to bring a copy of any insurance policy information.

During the consultation with the denturist, we will discuss the needs of each individual and address any concerns they may have with their oral care. Following this, a new patient examination is completed by the denturist to determine the best possible treatment plan. Once a treatment plan is created, it will be relayed to the patient in a way that they understand all of the options they have been given. There may be several treatment plans that are proposed and the denturist will go over the benefits and costs associated with each one. Once a treatment plan is accepted, the denturist can then begin the process by taking a set of impressions. The fabrication process for new dentures takes between 2 and 5 appointments, depending on which type of dentures are needed.