Making the Leap: Bridging the Denture Fear Gap With a Plan


Making the Leap: Bridging the Denture Fear Gap With a Plan

The decision to go ahead with denture treatment is often difficult for many people.
There are many considerations to consider: the cost, the potential discomfort and transition involved with the treatment, the time to go to the myriad of appointments with the team managing your oral health care and the fear that the dentures or dental implants may be uncomfortable, difficult to manage and, perhaps, painful.

We won’t minimize those factors but we can say each can be addressed in frank discussions leading to a customized plan for each patient, mapping out a course of action and defining costs and payments.

We’ll deal with the financial issues a little further down or you can click ahead but first, let’s consider the positive: how an implant retained denture can make a dramatic improvement in your life.

It’s about more than just the perfect smile; it’s about healthy eating options and lifestyle choices and it’s about inner confidence and mental outlook.

For some patients, it’s about an upcoming event. Perhaps they’re walking their daughter down the aisle on her wedding day; perhaps it’s a family reunion or a promotion at work which will see them spend more time presenting to groups of clients and colleagues. Maybe it’s a job interview to climb that next rung on the career ladder.

Of course, cosmetics come into the picture. We all want to look our best and enjoy the confidence which comes with it.

Not so long ago we completed a partial denture for someone who was missing a few of his front teeth. What a difference it made in his life. For 15 years he avoided smiling and face to face conversations. With his new partial denture in place, his aesthetics and smile were restored and his confidence skyrocketed. 

For others, it’s about enjoying life more and that means eating their favourite foods and exploring new cuisines without fear of their dentures falling out, or worse, suffering pain from chewing.

Many patients with problematic teeth avoid certain foods because they have ongoing pain, either because they are missing teeth or their ill-fitting dentures make them uncomfortable when eating.

Eating well is about more than just hedonistic pleasure. It’s about your health. If foods are not ground properly in the mouth, it takes more energy to digest them and all the nutrients may not be properly extracted in the process. Restoring someone’s dentition as close as possible to their natural dentition will lead to improvements in not just their oral health but their overall health.

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