Denture Implants & The Fear Factor

Denture Implants & The Fear Factor

There are a multitude of benefits to implant dentures but we often encounter patients who are still hesitant because of the ‘initial fear factors’.

Identifying the Fear Factor

We understand their concerns and that’s why planning is so important. It gives the health care team a chance to map out the timelines leading to an denture implant and to educate the patient on the processes involved, the time needed and, most of all the financial commitment.

Understanding Costs and Options

Let’s deal with the last factor first because the cost is often the biggest hurdle.
Yes, it’s expensive. However, unlike buying a car, for example, you won’t need new implants five years down the road. Like buying a new vehicle, though, you can pay the cost over time so your bank account doesn’t take a massive hit.

Some patients do have insurance and typically it covers about 50 per cent of their denture treatment. It’s a relief but it still means they have to come up with the other 50 per cent. Another issue with insurance is most companies have a yearly maximum and previous dental work such as cleanings, fillings, root canals or crowns will eat up that limit quickly.

In some cases, it might be advisable to spread the work over two years to soften the financial impact especially if there’s some preparatory dental work to be done.

How much ‘work’ is needed?

Each patient is different and that preparatory work could range from simple tooth extractions to removing teeth which have broken off at the gum line or having other teeth restored with composite or porcelain crowns.

For some patients with severe dental issues getting all that work done entails spending several thousand dollars before they even get to the denture implants and it may cause them to delay the process a little longer to regain their coverage cap or simply to spread out the personal costs.

Those variations involved in each patient’s personal needs are exactly why having a good plan from the outset is so important and we can’t stress this enough. Even if you aren’t ready for denture implants today, there’s no reason why you can’t come in and have a frank discussion about your needs and have us make up a custom plan for you. You can put the dates in when you’re ready.

It’s important because we can answer many of your questions and at least give you something to think about as you consider your options.

Fear about Denture Implants in a Nutshell

Many patients just don’t know what to expect with transitioning to dentures for the first time and that’s why we place such a high value on being able to educate them.

They may have heard horror stories from family or friends who either had bad experiences personally or are too eager to narrate the hellish tales of a ‘friend of a friend.’

The fact is, however, every one is different and so are their mouths. This is not a one size fits all procedure neither is it a one story fits all prognosis.

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